Opening for the season on May 22


Fulford Place’s luxury extended to its recreational facilities.

The gentlemen guests often retreated to George Fulford I’s own private haven, the billiard and smoking rooms. The billiard room boasted hand-stencilled canvas walls and an elaborate fireplace hood featuring a Tudor rose and cross emblem.

Adjoining the billiard room was the smoking room, where George Fulford I entertained his political and business associates.

The room was decorated in a Moorish theme. Hand-rendered gilt ceilings and carved wood reflected Byzantine geometric patterns, while luxurious textiles added richness to the exotic ambience. The circular fireplace, with its colourful tiles, was based on designs from the Alhambra Palace in Spain.

Although the furniture is no longer present, the room retains much of its original style and structural elements. Today, the space is available for meetings and public functions.

George Taylor Fulford I may have designed the smoking room to be reminiscent of his trip to the pyramids of Egypt.

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