The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre (EWG) is owned and operated by the Ontario Heritage Trust. It is a century-old theatre and National Historic Site. It is also the last operating vaudeville-era double-decker theatre in the world.

Part of the vibrant Toronto theatre scene, the EWG also hosts a variety of events and occasions, including: theatrical and operatic productions, award shows, concerts, dance, fashion shows, film and television location shoots, film premieres, fundraisers, lecture series and stand-up comedy.


Rescued by the Ontario Heritage Trust and restored to its original grandeur, the EWG is a prime example of the Ontario Heritage Trust’s mandate at work. The Centre’s operation exists to serve the people of Ontario by:

  • conserving, stewarding and interpreting this unique national historic landmark
  • undertaking sensitive adaptations to ensure continued use as safe, viable and sustainable contemporary theatres while protecting the heritage value
  • providing unique places of assembly to complement the cultural infrastructure and serve the public’s interest
  • delivering a variety of performing arts and film programming by leading entertainment practitioners
  • offering an official provincial government location and gathering place to celebrate Ontario’s artists, people, achievements and history