General information

Rates include basic Front of House staff and box office services. Surcharge on each ticket sold is collected on behalf of the Ontario Heritage Trust – $3 + HST ($0.39) = $3.39. Deposit of 1/2 of minimum rental is required upon confirmation of event, 1/2 of rental is required 7 days prior to event Services provided in basic rental without additional charge:

  • House lighting, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Routine janitorial services
  • The Centre maintains 24-hour security for the building (special needs of Licensee not provided)
  • Basic first aid facilities

Available but not included with basic rental:

  • Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Telephone service
  • Photocopier
  • Coat check services
  • Food and beverage services through the Bookings and Events Manager

Special Power Consumption:

  • Surcharges for electrical consumption used for TV, feature film lighting, heavy machinery and equipment and all extraordinary power demands may be levied



  • Theatre rental does not include the use of the lobbies other than for the patrons prior to a performance and during an intermission; private receptions, media events or meetings associated with the production must be arranged separately with the Theatre Centre

Box Office

  • Credit card service commission – 3 per cent and 2 per cent of each debit card transaction shall be paid to the Licensor

Technical staff

  • Wages and working conditions as per agreements with Elgin and Winter Garden Centre staff
  • An estimate will be provided by the production manager and a deposit required prior to the event

Food and beverage staff

  • Bar operation immediately prior to performance and during intermission at no extra charge
  • Note: The Theatre Centre reserves the right to charge a $750 fee on performances with no intermissions
  • Catering to be contracted by Licensee with Centre's authorized concessionaires

Staffing – General

  • All overtime costs incurred will be charged back to the Licensee at the applicable rate


  • Extra security, if required, plus administration costs will be charged back to the Licensee
  • Functions booked for periods of more than one day will require passes for the licensee's staff

Equipment rental

  • Piano rental and tuning
  • Minimal in-house equipment available for a fee to be negotiated at time of signing contract
  • Rental of additional equipment and services must be contracted through outside suppliers


  • Commercial General Liability Insurance for Third-Party Bodily Injury, Personal Injury and Property Damage in the amount of $5 million – proof of coverage required 10 days prior to start of licence period

Advertising and publicity

  • Licensee responsible for own advertising and publicity
  • Media Access Fees – see below

Merchandising commissions

  • Commissions payable to the Theatre on sales of programs, souvenirs and merchandise
  • 15 per cent of gross sales less applicable taxes and credit card commissions; sales staff provided by licensee

Cancellation fee

  • If for any reason a performance must be cancelled, the license fees are payable in full, plus any charges for services performed or costs incurred by the Theatre for this performance
  • If the Theatre succeeds in licensing the facility for the same period of time to another party, the license fee less an administrative fee, may be refunded

Media access fees

  • Fees may be levied in addition to regular rental fees for the applicable areas

Lobbies and rehearsal studios

  • Commercial still photography – $1,500 standard access fee
  • Commercial television, commercial film, independent producers of television or film product – location fees available on request