Leah and Kaitlin, Fulford Place, Brockville

Working at a historic site, we work with artifacts daily and show them to the public. What isn't obvious is the story behind each object, which makes our research that much more exciting and interesting. This photo shows some of the 79 ivories in the Fulford family collection. Notably, the family had a love of elephants and bought elephant figurines and art all around the world on their travels. While we do not have much information on these ivories in particular, it is interesting to imagine the Fulford family seeking them out as they travelled to add to their collection back home. With the addition of the new exhibit, “Pieces of Me”, at Fulford Place we try to keep in mind the lives and stories of the people who owned these items. It is easy enough to imagine Mary Fulford showing off her new ivories to guests, much like we show them off to visitors today. Visitors and staff alike are able to view these artifacts not just as objects left behind, but as remnants of the lives of this family.

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