Rob MacDougall


  • Art: Painter
  • Born: January 17, 1958 in Oakville, Ontario


  • 1986 – Became a sport cartoonist for the Toronto Sun newspaper and Hockey News
  • 1993 – Became the official artist for the Toronto Blue Jays
  • 1997 – Painted a limited-edition print for Rose Cherry’s Home for Kids
  • 1999 – Became a founding member of the Toronto Rock Lacrosse franchise
  • 2002 – Ken Murray Award winner for dedication and development of youth through lacrosse

Robert MacDougall has created numerous portraits and caricatures of some of the country’s most significant sports personalities and remains one of Canada’s most influential sports artists. He had a love and skill for art from a young age and enrolled in the Ontario College of Art. After graduating in 1985, MacDougall was hired to do caricatures of guests on Don Cherry’s television show The Grapevine. MacDougall has done many projects with Cherry over the years, including illustrating three Rock’em Sock’em video covers, and a limited-edition print for Cherry’s wife Rose’s charity foundation. In 1986, MacDougall became a sports cartoonist for the Toronto Sun newspaper and Hockey News, and in 1993 he became the official artist for the Toronto Blue Jays. Over the years, his creative pieces have captured legendary Canadian athletes, including Wayne Gretzky, Tim Horton and Mike Weir.

“Sports have always struck me as magical. There is something within sports that captures us, and at the very centre of sports are the athletes themselves. Like any great story, at the heart are authentic and compelling characters. Myself, I am particularly fascinated with the energetic drive and aura of athletics …” – Robert MacDougall

Learn more about MacDougall and his art on his website.

Watch an interview here with MacDougall and follow him in the making of Canadian Gothic, a piece depicting Don Cherry and Ron MacLean for Rose Cherry’s Home for Kids: