Alteration Completion Form Guidelines

The submission of an Alteration Completion Form is required at the end of any alteration project on a Trust easement property. This form will allow the Trust to track the work completed on site and will provide important archival information for the future.

Record of Repair Guidelines

On completion of the project, have your contractor or consultant provide you with a detailed record of all repair/alteration work done on site. Should you undertake the work yourself, please compile a record as described. This document will form an important archive and a vital source of information for the property and will assist you and subsequent owners in the future. It should be sufficiently detailed to allow the future replication, re- acquisition and analysis of materials and methods used during your project. As an example, a report prepared for a masonry wall that was cleaned and repaired could contain details of the mortar mix used, the quarry where the replacement stone was acquired and the methods and materials used to clean the wall.

Your report should include the following:

  • A record of all materials used during the project, including the type, quantity and location within the project
  • A record of the method for the application or assembly of the materials, where applicable (e.g., cleaning techniques)
  • Information on the source of the materials, including the names and addresses of suppliers and manufacturers
  • A copy of drawings that indicate where alterations and repairs were made
  • Photographs taken during the project, especially of any opening up of important features that were repaired and then covered again
  • Photographs of the completed project

Please provide one copy of the completed document to the Trust Easement Program Coordinator for review and file purposes. The degree of documentation will be proportional to the scale, scope and sophistication of the project.