Alteration Completion Form

Complete the information and include all necessary documentation. The accuracy and completeness of this form is the responsibility of the applicant.

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1. Owner information
2. Agent acting on behalf of Owner (if any)
3. Property information
Project classification (Indicate the type of action that you wish to perform on your property - check all that apply)
4. Project
5. Consultants and contractors (Describe if the project was overseen/performed by a consultant or contractor. Please provide their contact information below.)
6. Attachments
Attachments (Prepare and attach a written record of repair, as directed by the Record of Repair Guidelines. Check off the items that have been submitted as part of this completed form.)
7. Project timeline

I/we hereby affirm our completion of alterations as described in this form and the accompanying plans/drawings and additional information. The Trust expects that the alterations were in full compliance with the easement agreement.

Terms and conditions

Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, C.O. 18, section 7, and will be used for marketing and fundraising purposes. This information will not be shared with other organizations. For further information, please contact the Executive Assistant, Ontario Heritage Trust, 10 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1J3, 647-567-9345. (Form will be sent to