How to use the Register

Exploring Ontario’s cultural heritage

  • Learn about the architectural and historical significance of designated heritage properties using the Ontario Heritage Act. Many designation bylaws provide details about heritage attributes – including architectural features of heritage buildings, as well as the noteworthy people and events associated with them.
  • Find unusual property designations, such as dry stone walls, trees, air-raid shelters, etc.

Studying heritage protection in Ontario

  • Identify provincewide or municipal trends in heritage protection (e.g., How many post-1950 buildings are designated in Ontario? Is my municipality actively designating properties?).

Guiding future heritage protection

  • Locate examples of OHA documents that reflect best practices for heritage description, evaluation and protection. These can be used to assist with heritage policy development and the preparation of designation bylaws and other legal documents.

Promoting compliance with the Ontario Heritage Act

  • Investigate the heritage designation status of a property in Ontario by accessing electronic copies of statutory documents enacted under the OHA.
  • Determine what heritage attributes of designated properties are protected.