Role of the Trust

The Ontario Heritage Trust has a statutory role outlined in the Ontario Heritage Act, to ensure that the Register is maintained. It is being made available to the public on our website.

The Trust maintains working relationships with all municipalities in Ontario and encourages the use of the act to protect heritage in all communities across the province.

Role of municipalities

Municipalities are required to submit designation bylaws, notices and other legal documents to the Ontario Heritage Trust as part of the designation process.

How are documents received by the Trust?

Section 67 of the Ontario Heritage Act stipulates that any document required under the act or regulations be given, delivered or served by one of the following:

  • hand delivery
  • standard mail service
  • commercial courier service
  • a method prescribed by regulation
  • by email (as of July 2021)

What types of records form the Register?

  • decisions respecting alterations, demolitions and removals, etc. of properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act
  • individual designations
  • repeals
  • amendments
  • alteration decisions
  • demolition/removal decisions
  • Heritage Conservation District designations
  • Minister’s powers