Growing diversity

“Immigrants have contributed to the transformation of francophone communities, creating spaces that are vibrant with ethnic and racial diversity and cultural fusion.” Dr. Amal Madibbo, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Calgary

French-speaking people from many parts of the world – including Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East – call Ontario home. The growing diversity of the province’s francophone population is creating a broader and more inclusive understanding of Franco-Ontarian identity and culture. This broader conception of identity is informed by new experiences, stories and traditions that have become a part of the province’s French-speaking communities over time. These elements shape and enrich our understanding of Franco-Ontarian heritage in the 21st century.

ReadContemporary immigration of francophones to Ontario,” by Amal Madibbo and “Portrait of a growing diversity,” by Emanuel da Silva and Diane Farmer, articles from the May 2012 special edition of Heritage Matters entitled Understanding the French experience in Ontario.