The Franco-Ontarian Flag

“Creating the flag met a need in the Franco-Ontarian community … The minority felt it had lost its bearings with the rise of the new Québécois nationalism. … It started out as a small group thing and the flag took time to establish itself. … Symbols make an identity whole. We believed that if people wanted to assert themselves as Franco-Ontarian, they should be able to. … With this green and white flag established – green to represent the northern forests and white the winter snow – there was finally a unifying symbol that gained traction provincewide with various groups and regions.” Gaétan Gervais, Professor Emeritus in the Department of History at Laurentian University

The Franco-Ontarian flag was flown for the first time at Laurentian University on September 25, 1975. Professor Gaétan Gervais and university student Michel Dupuis were its primary creators. Over time, the flag has become an important symbol of Franco-Ontarian heritage and identity, and of the struggle for French-language rights and education in the province. The flag was officially recognized by the Ontario legislature as an emblem of the francophone community of Ontario in June 2001.

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YouTube video – “Le drapeau franco-ontarien”, 1975 (in French).