George Lyon


  • Sport: Golf
  • Born: July 27, 1858 in Richmond Hill, Ontario 


  • 1889-90 – International Series of Cricket
  • 1898-1912 – Canadian Amateur Golf Championship
  • 1904 – Won an Olympic gold medal
  • 1918-30 – Canadian Senior Amateur Golf Championship
  • 1923 – Royal Canadian Golf Association President
  • 1971 – Inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame

George Seymour Lyon (1858-1938) was a multi-talented 19th-century sportsman who has the distinction of being the only Canadian to win an Olympic gold medal in golf. A natural athlete, Lyon set a national record in pole vault in 1876 at the age of 18. He was a well-known amateur baseball player, one of the country’s greatest cricket players and an accomplished soccer and football player. At the age of 38, he tried his hand at golf and, two years later, won the Canadian Amateur Golf Championship. In 1904, Lyon competed in the Olympic Games in St. Louis, Missouri and won the gold medal. He celebrated his win by walking on his hands through the clubhouse. In his later career, he won the Canadian men’s Senior Amateur Golf Championship 10 times, the last one at the age of 71.

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